Med-X 2000 Series Lockers

Med-X 2000 Lockers

Med-X 2000 Water Resistant Lockers

» Custom and Standard Designs

» Class II-B Fire Retardant

» Unlimited Color Selection

» ASTM Six Cycle Tested Core Materials

» Three Year Warranty


Material: Fiber Resin Semi-Plastic, Formaldehyde-Free, 48lb. Density, Moisture Resistant, Exterior Grade MDF

Assembly: Blunt Joint and Nail

Doors: 3/4" Thick, Vertical Grade Class II-B Fire Retardant Plastic Laminated Two Sides, MDF Core with Round Corners

Edging: PVC or Self Edging

Hinges: Heavy Duty Euro-Concealed

Security: Choose from Recessed Padlock Hasp, Surface Mounted Padlock Hasp, Keyed Lock, Dial Combination, Pushbutton Combination, Coin Collect, Coin Operated or Card Lock

Number disc: Gravoply Finish


Plastic laminate, class II-B, fire-retardant, water resistant, NEMA-LD-1 vertical grade .028" thick high-pressure plastic laminate exposed. Available from Formica®, Wilsonart® , Nevamar® , Pionite®, Laminart® and Micarta®


« Locker pictured is Med-X 2000 Model L. Choose from 22 different choices of models of Med-X 2000 Lockers Series below for more locker details.

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