Custom Lockers

Ideal Products manufactures several different series of lockers with over 20 size and storage configuration of each series. Multiple tier options are available from 1-tier up to 10-tier, and everything inbetween included our famous double tier z-locker (also known as the executive style Model L and Model M). Our custom lockers are built to fit your specific needs and dimensions. Choose from plastic laminate and wood lockers with an endless number of custom finishes available. Ideal's vast selection of lockers is ready to outfit your school, sports team, medical center, spa, health club, golf clubhouse or other type of locker room with custom lockers that fit the exact specifications of your locker room. That's why architects and contractors around the globe choose Ideal as their top source for custom lockers. Ideal Products offers eleven standard lines of custom made plastic laminate and natural wood lockers. They are known as:
» Image 1000 Economy Grade Melamine Laminated Lockers

» Most Popular Ideal 1000 & 2000 Furniture Grade Plastic Laminate Lockers

» Ideal 3000 Series Lockers with Integral Bench

» The Med-X 2000 Series Water Resistant Lockers

» Dura-FR 1000 Series, Class 1A Fire Resistant Lockers

» Epicenter 1000 & 2000 Series Athletic Lockers

» Secura 1000 Series Coin Collection Lockers
» Cubbies 1000 Series Storage Compartments

» Ultra Elegant Imperial 1000 & 2000 Series Natural Wood Lockers