How can I see your products before I purchase them?

A Please give us a call and we can provide to you a listing of projects in your geographical area that have been equipped with our products. We also display our products several times per year at industry tradeshows throughout the country.

 How do I decide which lockers I need?

A Here we have a question that is two fold. First we will need to determine the exterior appearance of your lockers and secondly, the size of your lockers. You may want to include your interior designer or architect in the decisions of exterior appearance. We will custom make your lockers to your specifications using the materials that you select. For example with plastic laminate we can use one color through your locker room or use more than one color. You may want to alternate colors by the door and achieve a checkboard appearance. Or alternate the colors by the locker frame and achieve a vertical striping appearance. Or achieve a horizontal striping by specifying all top doors one color and all bottom doors an other color. 

Natural woods both solid or veneer will achieve the look of elegance. Your facility may be in a geographical area that a particular species of natural wood is available and you want to use it for your locker doors. For example Douglas fir, or white oak, or ash, teak, knotty pine, etc. Or you may want your lockers to match some existing millworks. Select the species or natural wood, specify the finish, stained if you like, and clear satin finish.

The size of your lockers will be determine to three elements: first, how much space to you have for lockers and second, how many lockers do you need, and third, how much storage space do each of your members need. Determine the amount of space you have by measuring typically wall space allotted for lockers. If necessary you can configure lockers into islands, that would be locker in the middle of the room, away from a wall, usually lined up back to back for support. With the amount of space determined, you can now consider the number of lockers you will need. Usually, if you can satisfy the demands during peak periods of activity or maximum occupany for your facility size this will tell you how many lockers you will need. And third, the size of lockers will be determined by your geographical area and your clients requirements. For example in the northeastern United States a top coat may require storage during the winter months, whereas in the southwestern US this consideration will not be necessary. Or, your clients, ,may have large back packs, purses or gymbags to store, others may have sports coats, suits, slacks, skirts that will require hanging spaces.

 How long has Ideal Products been in business?

A We first started making plastic laminate lockers in 1982.

 How many colors of plastic laminates do you have to pick from?

A The color selection is endless. Any plastic laminate that is available on the market today can be used to finish your locker doors. Some of the more well known manufacturers we carry are: Wilsonart, Nevamar, Formica, Micarta, Pionite, Laminart, Abet Laminati. Our standard pricing includes most wood grains, patterns and solid colors from Wilsonart, Nevamar, and Formica. The others are available usually at an additional cost.

 What about locks?

A We can supply any type of lock you want with your lockers. And here you have two considerations: security or convenience? The most secure locking mechanism on the market today for this application is our thru-bolted padlock hasp. This locking mechanism can not be defeated easily because the hasp passes through the door material and attaches firmly to the side of the locker. Usually a thief with a prior bar or large screw drive that is in the locker room will attempt to pry the padlock hasp away and can’t so he then attempts to defeat the hinge side of the door, here you want to use a strong hinges as well. All other locking mechanism can be defeated fairly easily but provide convenience to your members. We have keyed locks, dial combination locksets, pushbutton

 What are your terms of sale?

 Considering that everything we do is manufactured to order, custom built; we ask that you place a deposit with us at the time of placing your order and we consider the balance due at shipment.

 What is your standard order fulfillment time?

A Our standard factory leadtime is typically 4 to 6 weeks. During busy or peak times the leadtime can extend to 6 to 8 weeks. And, that is from receipt of your order to shipment. Travel time to your delivery will be dependent on your location. Usually, shipments will leave our factory at the end the week and deliver the first part of the next week.

 What size lockers do you make?

A We can make any size lockers you want. We are only restricted by the material sizes we have available to use and these are 48"x96". So we can make a locker that has a width from 7" to 48", same for depth, and the height can be from 6" to 96". These dimension relate to the locker frame. Inside the frame we place the actual locker opening. Each locker frame can have one opening call a single tier or up to ten openings this would be a ten tier or sneaker locker. So we can make a single tier, double tier, triple tier, four tier , five tier, etc frame of lockers for you using any color you pick.

 Who handles the installation of your lockers?

A The installation of our lockers for most projects is so simple that the club owner or manager will install themselves. For the larger projects usually the general contractor will arrange for the installation.

 Who owns Ideal Products?

A Ideal Products, Inc. is a privately held California corporation with stockholders and a board of directors.
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