The Ideal Advantage

We don't just build 'em and sell 'em. To us, it's personal, and we treat every sale that way; with a personalized touch.

At Ideal, we offer locker design customization, which means that we make sure every locker is the right fit for the customer and their locker room. We draw plans for your locker room and check the details, if a locker won't fit, we'll make it.

The design service we offer is basically two-fold based on each locker buyer's following constraints which are:

First a) the quantity and b) size of the lockers; and

Second, the c) features and d) finish of the lockers.


Typically, at bid time (on a project) we have architectural drawings and specifications which are furnished by the customer. Usually these drawings do not show the specifics such as dimensions, finish materials, etc. Once we have been confirmed as the winning bidder and the project is ours, we prepare our shop drawings.  Here we show how much space will be required to acommodate what the architect had in mind. The number of lockers shown on the plans at the sizes listed in the specifications are shown in our shop drawings. We show specifically the size of each wall that will be required. The next step is to add the field dimensions to our shop drawings.  Usually, during construction of a facility things will not work out exactly as planned, so we can make adjustments. We can either reduce the number of lockers or reduce the size of the lockers in order to fit. 

Quantity of Lockers 

The quantity of lockers you purchase is going to be determined by the number of individuals you need accomodate at any one time.  For example a health club needs to consider the number of members they will have in their club during peak periods.  On the average considering maximum occupancy codes in metropolitan areas throughout the US this number is 1% of the overall square footage of the facility.  So a 20,000 square foot club will need to have 200 lockers, again this is on the average throughout the US.  This number of lockers is typically split 50/50 between the men's and women's locker room.  Of course these numbers can be changed and will be influenced by the owner's expectations of this demographics.  The owner maybe targeting more men for the club's membership such as 80% men and 20% women; therefore the lockers would be split up accordingly.  Another point of view maybe that typically women will not use the locker room but rather arrive at the club already dressed for a work out.  For these individuals a group of lockers located outside the locker room in a publicly accessible area maybe preferred. 

Hospitals providing lockers for the doctors, nurses, orderlies, patients, etc will obviously want to consider the number of each requiring a locker.  Office building owners or tenants providing lockers for their staff members; industrial complexes, defense contractors, sports complexes, colleges, universities, police and fire stations, hotels, etc, etc.  Given just a little thought and advanced planning, these customers can determine in advance the quantities of lockers they will need. As part of our design service we help our customers make this determination.

Size of Lockers

Size of the lockers will be determined primarily by the size of items expected to be stored.  For example; a motorcycle helmet requires a minimum inside dimension of 15" typically, a short jacket, pair slacks, or skirt needs 42" minimum for hanging space, a back pack needs about a 12x24" space, a lab or over coat needs about 60" for hanging, a large gym bag needs at least 12x36"; a small purse will require a 12x12" space, a pair of shoes 12x7" and a wallet 6x6" storage space.  Or, if we are outfitting a university's athletic department with lockers we can easily imagine that a football team's lockers – due to the size of the helmet, shoulder pads, etc. – will require a larger space for storage compared to the track and field teams, tennis teams, swim teams, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer team, hockey, polo, ski team, etc.  Each sport has a variety of personal items needing to be stored.


For more information regarding locker sizes, click here to view our locker configurations.

Locker Features

There are lots of variables our technicians take into consideration when combatting bed bugs and we recognize that no two jobs are alike. That’s why all of our bed bug removal or prevention programs are fully customized to each specific customer.

The main question when considering features is: How will the lockers be used?  We are concerned about the type of locking mechanism the lockers will have and other internal components such as coat rods, coat hooks, hat & shoe shelves, drawers, security vaults, electrical outlets, boot dryers, towel bars, coin trays, mirrors, etc.


The primary issue to address is whether the lockers are intended for temporary or permanet use. Temporary use means that the lockers are made available to individuals for short periods of time; let's say for an hour's workout at the local health club or thirty minutes of therapy for a patient a the physical therapist's office. The lockers will be used during that time period and the person's belongings are removed after the visit. For temporary use in a gym, the security device of choice may be the padlock hasp, since members will use their own lock for the period of time that they store their personal items. Whereas permanent use means that the lockers are issued to individuals to use and store their belonging for long term repeat use; for example at a country club where the membership fees include a permanent locker. Permanent use lockers would most likely be outfitted wth a dial combination lock for security purposes.


Locker Finishes

Our approach to the marketplace is that we custom build "manufactured-to-order", furniture grade, wood and plastic laminate lockers. We can make them in any size a customer needs and in any color. When it comes to the locker finish, we always want to encourage our customers to be bold & creative when deciding what their lockers are going to look like.  Locker rooms are a very important part of a facility.  For example a typical health club member will spend more time in the locker room then anywhere else in the club, so you can really set the tone of your facility by making the locker room aesthetically appealing. Ideal offers a vast array of plastic laminate choices and our wood finishes are only limited by Mother Nature.