• Ideal 1000 Plastic Laminate Lockers
  • Imperial 1000 Natural Wood Lockers
  • Ideal 3000 Locker with Built-In Bench
  • Epicenter 1000 Athletic Lockers
  • Dura_FR Fire Retardant Lockers
  • Imperial 2000 Natural Wood Lockers
  • Med-X 2000 Water Resistant Lockers

Custom Lockers by Ideal Products

Our quality lockers are 100% made in the U.S.A. Over 30 years of research and development has resulted in Ideal Products being a top choice for locker room products and designs for varying industries and architects.

Wood Lockers

Our custom wood lockers are ideal for college and school lockers, athletic lockers, as well as classy country club lockers. Browse Wood Lockers >>

Plastic Lockers

Our plastic laminate lockers are ideal for fitness center lockers, medical center lockers, military lockers, and more. Browse Plastic Lockers >>

Locker Room Amenities

We also offer a variety of locker room benches, locker room stools, and grooming stations to complete your locker room design and add that special final touch and comfort. Browse Locker Room Amenities >>

Locks for Lockers

Give your lockers added security with our variety of locks, from combination locks to keycard locks. Browse Locker Locks >>